There are agenda-driven bloggers and journalists who are doing their best to discredit The Red Pill and smear Cassie Jaye’s name. In an effort to put these lies to rest:

  1. Cassie is not currently and never has been an MRA (Men’s Rights Activist). Cassie is a filmmaker who has directed films about sexual education, reproductive rights, same-sex marriage rights, female engineers, single motherhood, autism, blindness, HIV/AIDS in Africa, poverty and hunger, and most recently this film about the Men’s Rights Movement, a topic that has never been explored in a film before.
  2. Cassie identified as a feminist for 10 years before dropping the label “feminist” after making The Red Pill. Cassie still believes in protecting and advocating for women’s rights and empowering women and girls, as well as protecting and advocating for all human rights.
  3. There is only one person who has had complete and absolute control over The Red Pill’s story, message, and execution, and it is Cassie Jaye. Cassie did not answer to anyone; The Red Pill is entirely her vision and depicts her own journey making this film. Cassie Jaye self-funded the film and also borrowed money from her boyfriend and mother. After 2 years of production, Cassie needed more funding for post-production and turned to a crowd-funding website called Kickstarter. Kickstarter prohibits funders (aka “backers”) from having any ownership or control over the Kickstarter campaigns they contribute to. The only way for Cassie to raise the funding she needed to complete The Red Pill while remaining entire ownership over the film was by raising funds on Kickstarter, and that’s what she did.
  4. The title, The Red Pill, does not refer to the Red Pill subreddit, it refers to the cultural metaphor for “seeing the painful truth of reality” (which originated from the movie The Matrix). When Cassie began this project in March 2013, the MRM/MHRM was often using the term ‘the red pill’ when describing their moment of realization or enlightenment about gender politics. In her reddit AMA in 2015, she explained, “One of the very first articles I read on A Voice For Men was by Paul Elam called something like ‘red pills, blue skies, and tits.’ AVFM also had the phrase, ‘take the red pill’ as part of their logo at the time. They have since changed it. The reason I chose this title is because early on in filming, MRAs were telling me that feminist ideology was ‘blue pill’ and that they took the ‘red pill’, so while I was struggling to see and understand the opposing viewpoints, I used this terminology to compartmentalize the ideologies. I actually refer to red pill / blue pill often in my video diaries. When looking at the story arc and the journey I went on, the only title that made sense was ‘The Red Pill’ because it succinctly described my quest to understand the way MRAs (and anti-feminists) see the world. Others have asked, do you know the difference between the MRM and TRP subreddit, yes I do and those differences will be briefly addressed in the film when describing the factions of the manosphere. However, my film’s title is not referring to TRP subreddit, it is in reference to its original popular culture usage (which is used my many other groups and conspiracists as well, it is not owned by the subreddit). As far as why TRP subreddit appears on the screen in the sneak preview video, mainstream media constantly conflates all manosphere factions to seem as if they are all one in the same (PUA, MGTOW, MRM, TRP, etc). In the sneak preview video (around the 1 minute mark), that is an actual audio excerpt unedited from MSNBC. They did a story about the ‘Men’s Rights Movement’ and they said that the MRM ‘is a universe of message boards like reddit’s The Red Pill.’ This is not me saying they are the same, it’s mainstream media, and in my film we will show what mainstream media says about the MRM before we go beneath the surface.
  5. Some claim that Cassie Jaye edited interviews to manipulate viewers of the documentary. In order to help disspell this myth and to inspire further discussion, The Red Pill: Raw Files were created. Each segment includes raw interview footage not seen in the film.